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No more stress about Valentine's Day gift giving! Stephenie has curated a whole bunch of handmade jewellery they are going to adore! There's something for every budget and sentiment. Many gemstone and imitation birthstone pieces are personalisable, while other items can have custom engraving done by request!

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with Gemstone Heart

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with Gemstone Heart

This Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with Gemstone Heart is a handmade item made with .925 sterling silver. It features a 5mm x 5mm faceted heart-shaped gemstone heart!

The ring's design is the traditional Irish Claddagh, which has the Heart for Love, The Crown for Loyalty, and Hands for Friendship, and was first produced in the 17th century, making it a perfect symbol of commitment and affection.


For Couples

Howl and Sophie Ring Set in Sterling Silver with Faceted Gemstones celebrates both of you. A true "us" gift to wear as a daily reminder of the love you share!

Celebrate an everlasting love with this matching Howl and Sophie silver gemstone ring set, mirroring the enchanting and transformative romance found in Howl's Moving Castle.

This set comes in 0.925 fine sterling silver with a natural red ruby for Howl and a blue sapphire for Sophie. The centre is set with a 4.5mm faceted/diamond cut ruby & sapphire set in the centre of the ring.


There's A Valentine For Everyone!

Remember, the most important thing is to make your Valentine's Day special and full of love. Whether you go for a classic jewellery choice or something out of the ordinary, the perfect gift is the one that comes from the heart.

Wishing you a Valentine's day filled with love, laughter, and the joy of giving!

- Stephenie

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