Materials Questions: Gemstones and Immitation Birthstones

I use alot of different stones in my shop, and folks often ask what the difference is. I'm here to try to help answer that!

The difference between genuine stones and the birthstone options is the named stone is a genuine/real gemstone and imitation birthstone, thus the difference in price.

The natural gemstones I use are sourced from reliable gem sellers. Due to the fact these gemstones are natural, the color and clarity of stones can vary from one to the next. So if you want a particular shade, just ask!

The birthstones option is a manmade imitation stone known as a Cubic Zirconia(also known as a CZ)  Also imitation birthstones tend to be much more vibrant in color than the natural stones. They are cheaper than natural gemstones.

The different cuts usually available in my jewellery are cabochon, which is a domed rounded shape, and the faceted is the diamond style cut with facets, similar most people think of when they think of a diamond.