About Me

Who is Le Dragon Argenté?

A fire that burns.... we call this inspiration!

Have you always wanted something fun and geeky to wear but don’t like the quality you find?

Do you have allergies to the cheap metal used in commercial merch that is FOREVER FOUND at conventions? PSSST!  You are definitely not alone! 

My name is Stephenie, the Dragon herself! Founder and proud owner of Le Dragon Argenté. And like you, I can’t wear anything cool that I find at the Cons because of my allergies to nickel, zinc and cadmium. I also hate shoddy craftsmanship! 

 I'm an artisan jeweller who is a gamer, into anime, si-fi/fantasy and general all around geek who loved going to conventions way before selling at them!

I create handmade precious metal jewellery in styles from geeky, fantasy, Celtic, and everything in between.
So come and get to know me!

 Buster sword


The Birth of the Dragon

Dragon Cooper on display

Allow me to give a short and bizarre story about my start into my jewellery career.

Start your scene in a fine arts program, but find out about a DEP program in jewellery-making from a roommate who was currently enrolled in it. 

Look at his projects and realize "Hey! I can do that!" 2 years later in 1998, finish your classes and spend the next two years working for a wholesale production shop. Insert a variety of jewellery repair shops, some work as an apprentice of a wax modelest, and 6 years as the technician and assistant manager of a jewellery store. In the background of this scene, build up a workshop and inventory with a variety of creations, add some vintage 1940's master designs from a jewellery workshop who closed and you will have yourself the beginnings of my story!

Fast forward to 2009; fed up of being paid a lousy minimum wage as a tradesperson, I decided to open up shop for myself. Armoured with the scales of the past 12 years building up my workshop & inventory, I was able to do everything but the casting from my workshop! With the help of my partner Steven, I started to sell at more shows, and was able to open my Etsy shop!

My passion for creating jewellery, along with my years of experience working long 6 day weeks in a jewellery store, fueled my drive and energy to do this full time. I absolutely love it! 

Alas, the behind the scenes look into the makings of Le Dragon Argente!

When I’m not in my den creating for you, I am offering my time as a member of the Montreal Gem & Mineral club to help others learn how to create their own pretties with their own stones.

Ok, so what's with the sword?

All dragons collect an assortment of shiny things! One of those for me, is Final Fantasy blades, my favorite game series ever! The Buster sword was my first one. Appropriate, as it's also the same sword design I wear every day around my neck! Yeah, I'm a Final Fantasy fan, especially FF7! Much like many Final Fantasy fans, I love to show my fandom! So I wear a buster sword pendant on my neck, and Cloud Strife's Fenrir studs on my ears!

Now that you’re acquainted with yours truly, the Dragon; come visit my den and enjoy the shinies I’ve created for you!