A Look Behind The Bench: Mark,The Shop Help!

Mark At Work

This is a shoutout to my workshop helper Mark Borakoff, someone who has been instrumental in keeping my workshop and orders going, even with my crazy chaos of convention life and me galavanting everywhere!

Mark and his buddy Bernie used to run Two Wacky Pin Guys, creators of classic sci-fi pins, as well as other geeky objects like pins from Babylon 5, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and others! They decided to retire in 2019, and Mark has been working in my shop since late 2017. He's been helping me daily in casting finishing, which frees me up to get other work done (setting stones, social media, and polishing) and l very much appreciate it!

Mark at the jewellery bench at Le Dragon Argenté

Mark also has added some extra skills to the workshop, including helping me in the creation of several designs we now make on a regular basis as well as being a sought after cat-whisperer when resident felines need attention!

Mark the shop cat whisperer at Le Dragon Argenté

With his experience in 3D design, and the ability to work metal masters on occasion (he carved a tank in solid zinc by hand at one time!) it's added to the numerous design ideas and new concepts!  Added to this, he's able to render geometric designs so much easier than I can free hand, and this is an awesome bonus! Designs like the DHD pendant, many of the keyblades, and even this ring are designed for a fellow geek!

DHD Pendant designed by Mark for Le Dragon Argenté
What helps is that Mark is also a fellow geek, and even though he's more experienced in years, he and I have tons in common, even if we are vibing on different things; him on classic sci-fi and me with video games and anime, we work very well together!
Thank you Mark, you're awesome!

- Stephenie

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