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Sterling Silver DHD Pendant

Sterling Silver DHD Pendant

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Are you a fan of Stargate and wanted something special to show off your love of the show that will last beyond just wearing at a convention that no one else will have? Ever wanted a Stargate DHD replica pendant you can show off to your friends? Well, you're in luck!

Based on the DHD(Dial Home Device) from the Stargate movie and tv series, Dial Home Devices, often shortened to DHDs and known as Clavis to the Ancients, are large, pedestal-shaped computers placed on almost every planet in the Stargate Network. It was featured in all the series spin-offs.

The design for this sterling silver DHD pendant was a request from a fellow fan looking for a sturdy and solidly crafted pendant. With the help from Mark, my workshop minion, he was able to render a beautiful design and 3D print it, which was later cast and molded.


  • Materials: available in .925 sterling silver, a mix of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. Free of nickel, zinc or cadmium, which are common metal allergens, which can cause rashes and sores. 
  • Pendant Dimensions: The pendant measures 5.5cm high.  The loop on the back of the pendant is wide enough to pass a 5mm wide chain, though custom requests for a larger loop is possible.
  • Gemstone12mm wide carnelian.
  • Shipping: Shipping is with tracking and full insurance. For international buyers, please be aware of taxes and duties are payable to your country and must be paid by the buyer and is not collected by me.
  • Due to the high cost of materials, chains are not included with any of my pendants. If you are looking for a chain, you have a selection found in my Chains & Engravings section of my shop.
  • For any questions about my materials, processing time, and more, check out my FAQ for more info!

The Sterling Silver DHD Pendant makes for a unique and cherished gift, perfect for Stargate enthusiasts, sci-fi aficionados, or anyone captivated by the allure of interstellar exploration. Gift this sterling silver sci-fi pendant to celebrate their love for the Stargate universe and the boundless wonders it unveils.

Don't miss your chance to get this awesome pendant before someone dials it out!

Customer Reviews

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Simply stunning!

I had the pleasure of taking home this gorgeous piece. I can't express just how lovely it is. It is exquisitely detailed, with delicate intricacies, and the weight of the silver gives it all the grandeur of a real DHD! I always feel like the SGC is just one event horizon away when I wear this amazing piece!

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