Winged Dragon Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

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These handmade .925 sterling silver winged dragon earrings. They are 2cm long and 1.7cm wide with a a earring post and butterfly clutch system. Like all jewellery I make, it is made in solid silver, nothing plated! These were created because the only form this style was available was in costume jewellery, and I really wanted something in silver I could wear. Well solution found!

This type of dragon is known as a amphiptere, or winged dragon. Ampitheares are one of the most restricted dragon species anatomically speaking. They can have either feathered or bat wings, long or short necks, and often decorative tails, and that's all of their main variations. They are often featured in celtic/gothic jewellery and medieval costumes recently.

There are two types of dragons in Celtic lore. There is the standard winged version with four legs that most people are familiar with and there is a sea serpent that is depicted as either a giant wingless serpent or huge serpent with wings, but no legs. The dragon was a gatekeeper to other worlds and guardian to the secrets and treasures of the universe. They were often depicted side by side with the Celtic gods. As creatures that protect the Earth and all living things, Celtic dragons are considered the most powerful of all the Celtic symbols.

For the Celt, dragons, though deadly, and frightening, represented the continuation of life and health. They were omens of a good harvest, of a year of plenty. And the Druids were the ones who found the dragons and interpreted their meaning for a given group of Celts. For these ancient peoples, everything hummed and sparked with the lightning of the gods. Where dragons walked, the lightning was visible, and where Druids indicated, the lightning was controllable for the good of the Celtic people.

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