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Tribal Fox Head Pendant in Antique Bronze

Tribal Fox Head Pendant in Antique Bronze

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This is a handmade fox head pendant I created per request. Available in antique bronze.

Foxes, known for their cleverness and adaptability, hold significant symbolism in various cultures. Our Tribal Fox Head Pendant, adorned with tribal patterns, represents the harmonious balance between intelligence and resourcefulness.  Perfect for everyday wear or as a statement piece for special occasions, this Tribal Fox Head Pendant adds a touch of tribal elegance to your ensemble.


  • Materials: available in antique bronze, a mix of 90% copper and 10% tin. Free of nickel, zinc or cadmium, which are common metal allergens, which can cause rashes and sores. For more info on bronze, read the blog post or consult my FAQ.
  • Dimensions: the pendant is 3.2cm wide and 3.5mm high. The bail opening is 6mm wide, large enough to pass a nice chain. The lines in the fox design are enamelled and can be made in a variety of colors.
  • Shipping Info: Shipping is with tracking and full insurance. For international buyers, please be aware of taxes and duties are payable to your country and must be paid by the buyer and is not collected by me.

***Due to the high cost of materials, chains are not included with any of my pendants. If you are looking for a chain, you have a selection found in my Chains & Engravings section of my shop.

I carved this and may other pieces in green jewellers wax, along with a few other pieces I made for animal lovers. This one was created for a friend based on his tattoo. His though was made in .925 sterling silver.

Our Tribal Fox Head Pendant makes for a distinctive and meaningful gift, perfect for those who appreciate tribal artistry or have a connection to the cunning spirit of the fox. Gift this pendant to celebrate cultural diversity and the wisdom associated with the fox.


Customer Reviews

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David Bertsch

The pendant is soild, excellent quality, and positively stunning. The blue enamel accent I choose pops and have gotten many compliments on it. I highly recommend anything from this shop.

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