Gold Legend of Zelda Pendant Made to Order

Gold Legend of Zelda Pendant Made to Order

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This is my take on the royal crest symbol from the hit game Legend of Zelda. Handmade in gold made to order, the pendant measures 2.5cm high plus the bail and 3.5cm wide. The one in the picture are the example of it in sterling silver, but wanted to offer the option of them in gold as well. You can choose any carat and color you want and they will take about a week to make for you after you order. Shipping is with insurance and tracking.

All my gold jewellery is custom made per order and is not eligible for returns or refunds. These are not stock items as they are made only upon ordered. So please take this into consideration when you order.

This is possibly the second most common symbol found in The Legend of Zelda series and several versions of this symbol have been used throughout the series. It is inspired by the design for the Royal Crest. The bird symbol is usually accompanied by a depiction of the Triforce. The Goddess Hylia's crest was in the shape of a bird and the people of Skyloft, descendants of the people who lived among Hylia and the ancestors of the Hylians, rode giant birds and used the same symbol. Because of this, both the Royal Crest and the Hylian Crest incorporate elements of the symbol she used when ruling over the same land long ago.

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