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Final Fantasy X Tidus Charm Pendant in Stainless Steel

Final Fantasy X Tidus Charm Pendant in Stainless Steel

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Calling all fans of Final Fantasy X who are interested in owning their own pendant based on the game--this is your chance! Whether you need it for a cosplay look or simply to express your admiration for FFX, this pendant is sure to fulfill your desires!

Meticulously crafted, this stainless steel Final Fantasy pendant is a testament to the courage and adventure embodied by Tidus, offering fans a tangible connection to the extraordinary tales within the game. Whether worn daily as a cherished emblem of gaming fandom or showcased on special occasions, this stainless steel pendant is a unique and stylish addition to your FFX collection.


  • Dimensions: This pendant measures 2.4cm long plus the bail, 1.8cm wide and 1.5mm thick. The bail opening is 4mm wide. This pendant is light enough for smaller chains but perfect for everyday wear
  • Materials: this charm pendant is  made in stainless steel, an affordable material to create hypoallergenic jewellery for those sensitive to costume jewellery. Stainless steel is a tougher material than gold and silver and is ideal for everyday wear for those that are hard on your jewellery. The stainless steel I use is 316L grade to make sure you get no allergic reactions as 316L grade stainless steel is nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium free. Moreover, stainless steel is water resistant and doesn't tarnish and doesn't require a lot of care. Processing time is 1-2 weeks to make.
  • Shipping info: Shipping is with tracking and insurance. For international buyers, please be aware of taxes and duties are payable to your country and must be paid by the buyer and is not collected by me.
  • Please note that my pendants do not come with chains due to the high cost of materials. However, you can browse a variety of chains in the Chains & Engravings section of my shop.
  • For any questions about my materials, processing time, and more, check out my FAQ for more info!

In Final Fantasy X, Tidus is a player for the Zanarkand Abes, an underwater sport of blitzball, and wears his blitzball team logo, based on a fish hook, as a pendant and earrings. This design is loosely based on the one from the game.

So what are you waiting for? Get this FFX stainless steel pendant before it gets blitzed out of here! This stainless steel pendant makes for a thoughtful and cherished gift, perfect for Final Fantasy fans, gamers, or anyone captivated by the epic storytelling of the series. Gift this Tidus stainless steel pendant to celebrate their love for Final Fantasy X and the timeless adventures it brings to life.

Customer Reviews

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Dane D
Great! A++ experience. Would buy again.

Great! A++ experience. Would buy again.

Arnold W
Exactly what I was looking for. Paid a lit...

Exactly what I was looking for. Paid a little extra compared to the other vendor that sells the FFX pendant, but been wanting this for a long time. It doesn't look too tacky or too extra that stands out wayyyy too much like usual anime/game things would, but looks like something I could wear casually everyday!!! super happy with the purchase. Seller, Stephenie, was also very receptive, responding almost instantly.

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