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Feather of Ma'at Earrings in Sterling Silver

Feather of Ma'at Earrings in Sterling Silver

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These are a pair handmade stylized feather earrings in sterling silver with a 5x7 mm malachite cabochon on the front, and on the back the glyph for the goddess Ma'at, the feather of truth, who was weighed on the scales with the soul of the dead to see if they were worthy to pass into the afterlife. You can choose stones you want from the options available. Feel free to message me for available options.

Adorning yourself with the Feather of Ma'at earrings in sterling silver is an invitation to embody the virtues of truth and balance in your daily life. Whether you are drawn to ancient Egyptian culture or seek a personal connection to universal harmony, these silver feather gemstone earrings become a wearable talisman, offering a profound and meaningful touch to your style.


  • Materials: made in classic .925 sterling silver, a mix of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. Free of nickel, zinc or cadmium, which are common metal allergens & can cause rashes and sores!
  • Dimensions: The stone is 5x7mm. 
  • Gemstone:  Select the perfect stone for you! Choose from a variety of different colour natural gemstones and imitation birthstones. Stones are cabochon/domed cut.
  • Earring Closure: sterling silver hooks.
  • Shipping Info: shipping is with tracking and full insurance. For international buyers, please be aware of taxes and duties are payable to your country and must be paid by the buyer and is not collected by me.
  • For any questions about my materials, processing time, and more, check out my FAQ for more info!

Maat or Ma'at refers to both the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice, and the personification of these concepts as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation. Her ideological opposite was Isfet, meaning injustice, chaos, violence or to do evil. Maat represents the ethical and moral principle that every Egyptian citizen was expected to follow throughout their daily lives. They were expected to act with honor and truth in manners that involve family, the community, the nation, the environment, and the gods.

In the Duat, the Egyptian underworld, the hearts of the dead were said to be weighed against her single "Feather of Ma'at", symbolically representing the concept of Maat, in the Hall of Two Truths. This is why hearts were left in Egyptian mummies while their other organs were removed, as the heart (called "ib") was seen as part of the Egyptian soul. If the heart was found to be lighter or equal in weight to the feather of Maat, the deceased had led a virtuous life and would go on to Aaru. Osiris came to be seen as the guardian of the gates of Aaru after he became part of the Egyptian pantheon and displaced Anubis in the Ogdoad tradition. A heart which was unworthy was devoured by the goddess Ammit and its owner condemned to remain in the Duat.

Gifting the Feather of Ma'at silver earrings is a gesture filled with cultural richness and heartfelt wishes. Whether for a lover of ancient mythology, someone with a deep appreciation for symbolism, or a friend on a quest for balance, these Egyptian earrings become a thoughtful present. It's a gift that conveys admiration and the hope for the recipient to navigate life's journey with truth and cosmic harmony.

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