FAQ how to size your hand?

How to take a ring size measurement

My shop uses standard US/Canadian ring sizes. Ring sizes can vary between wide and skinny rings depending on the hand. An example is my skinny ring size is a 9, but my wide ring size is a 10. 

  • For larger hands with smaller knuckles, measure the meat of the finger for wide rings, the base of the finger for skinny rings.
  • For skinny hands with even size fingers and knuckles, measure the base of the finger.
  • For hands with large knuckles, measure the knuckle size snugly.
  • For pinky and index fingers, the rings need to fit snugly enough they cannot easily fall off but not tight enough that they can cut off circulation.

 At home tip to size your hand is to use a piece of string and measure the circumference of the finger in millimetres. Using a measuring tape gives an inaccurate sizing. International sizing charts like the ones I have can give you the approximate size you need. But nothing is better than getting sized by a professional! And they can do it for free!