Workshop Pets and Why They're Important Here!

So as you might have seen, there are cats constantly in the workshop and around us, and are a part of our everyday lives. And especially so for my workshop! Be it inspecting the work for flaws, supervising us while we work (usually over our shoulders) and the ongoing commentary about their work environment, they are an integral part here.

As I work from home, my cats will come by anytime they want (they’re cats!) and they don’t care what you’re doing. They WILL demand attention any time they decide they want it! And there has been an assortment of fluff butts in my shop over the years. So I thought a formal introduction was needed!

The first workshop cat was Max, who passed away in 2023, who was my orange squeaker. He had to analyze everything I was doing and tell me in detail what I did wrong! Especially if it was me not paying enough attention to him!

Lady, who passed in 2021, was a re-homed sweetie pie who loved going anywhere I would go, and loved to be in the shop when I was there. She even had a dog bed where she spent in the workshop and could watch the work going on in the shop. She even had her own fan club!

Nova, who was a foster failure who was brought to us at 4 months old in 2016, is constantly checking on Mark and his work, and is often in the morning in the shop in his lap, or crashed out on the back of the chair while he works. She’s Steven’s cat though and doesn’t like leaving him alone. She’s prone to bring us her toys to toss, and has even taught he other cats to do the same thing!

The youngest of our cats is a brother-sister duo named Floof and Mohawk. They were barn kittens that we adopted in 2021 (the first kittens I actually chose in 20+ years!) and have made my workshop their playground. 

Spiff, our black shadow, is a foster cat who loves to suck up to you at all times, and will climb into your open backpack if you’re not careful. She’s just waiting to find her forever home where she can be the centre of your universe.

Thanks for reading!

- Stephenie

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