Shop Announcement: Running Away To Disney!

I'm On The Run!

From January 29th till February 7th I’m running away to my favourite vacation spot, Disney World!

Today I leave the cold winter of Montreal, and head off to my favorite vacation destination with two girlfriends, Walt Disney World!

Why Disney?

Why do I travel so much to this place? It's honestly one of my happiest places to go, be myself, and disconnect from work for a bit. For a workaholic and a small business owner, that's pretty hard for me to do. So going on vacation with friends who run on the same vibe I do means I can get a break from the workshop, especially as I'm at it 7 days a week, working 60-80 hours weeks!

For my fellow small business owners, don't forget to give yourself some self care and step away from the business for a bit. It'll help you recharge and you'll be back stronger than ever and with fresh new ideas!

Because we all know life is short, so live it the best you can!

Because of this, the workshop will be closed from the 27th of January to the 11th of February, 2024 due to attending the Quebec City Comiccon right after landing back home.  If you're planning on attending, come say hi to me at my booth!

See you all after the 11th of February, 2024 and thanks for reading!

- Stephenie

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