Customizing Ring Designs: Stone Setting Options

Often I get requests for alterations to an existing design, which are doable in most cases and cost less than creating something from scratch. And one of those I’ve done a few times is setting additional stones into rings.  I've played around with all sorts of gems - imitation birthstones, opals, rubies, you name it! I love when someone has a specific vision and gemstone in mind too. 

One I’ve done several times is for my Howl’s Moving Castle ring. The most requested alteration is setting gemstones inside the flowers of the band. I did a set with imitation birthstones, as well as citrine and rubies on one occasion. The nice thing is that the flower design frames the stones, so that there is a low risk of damage to them. 

Another request, but one I’m not fond of, is creating the Howl ring with a stone on either side of the ring. I’m not a huge fan of this as the tone that sits on the bottom of the band when someone wears it has a high risk of being broken (happens a lot with eternity rings which is why I don’t make them!)

Some are simple like setting stones in the eyes of some of the animal rings. One I get often is setting stones in the eyes of the Final Fantasy 7 Fenrir Wolf Ring. Another is setting gems inside the Buster Sword pendant to act as their favourite material colour.

I receive many requests to add gemstones to existing ring designs and most of the time, it's totally doable and won't break the bank.  What is the cost of doing this? It depends on the stone, the size of it, and if I need to do a lot of additional work. For example setting imitation birthstones inside the flowers Howl’s Moving Castle ring is 15$/stone, so if there are 6 flowers it’s 90$. That’s just to give you an idea of what’s doable.

So, which gemstones are you dreaming of adding to jewellery I offer? Get in touch to discuss your vision with me!

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