Jewellery Origin Story: Krull Glaive Set

A Particular Jewellery Request

Many years ago I had a customer who contacted me wanting something very special. What made it very special for the customer was this was a set that would be reference to the Memorial of her uncle who had passed away two years prior. 

A Special Sci-Fi Loving Uncle

What made this set so dear? Her uncle was the author of the book based on the movie Krull, a sci-fi cult movie from 1983!



In the movie, there is a weapon which looks like a large five-pointed throwing star called a glaive. As a Memento to help her remember her uncle she wanted a pendant and earrings made for her in sterling silver but with gold plating as well. 

The Making Of The Krull Glaive Set Master

As this creation predates resin printers, the masters of this design were created on AutoCAD and then printed out on a filament printer. This took some little tweaking because the original first batch did not come out right on the first try.  After two or three attempts for perfection, we actually got the results we were looking for to work. 


Testing Material Techniques In Jewellery Creation

As the customer had wanted this jewellery creation to be very unique, I suggested in reference to the movie that we make the pendant and earrings in solid sterling silver and plate part of it in gold.  The inclusion of gold was meant to give it a contrasting look, which should be much cheaper than making the whole piece in gold! The pendent was set with imitation rubies in the arms and white cubic zirconia in the centre of both the pendant and earrings. What made this jewellery set very unique was that it was the first time I was doing a combination of silver and gold plate and with stones set in such a way that they would not fall out. 


In the end, the set came out rather well!  I did not take the best photos of the pieces but the customer was very happy with them!

Only after the fact I find out that she was actually friends with another mutual friend of mine, who is also a long time customer!

The Krull Glaive Jewellery Set is now available on my website in .925 sterling silver or antique bronze with a variety of colour choices for your CZ to personalize your set!

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