How I Got Started As A Jeweller

Origins of Le Dragon Argenté

Let me share a quirky little story about how I began my journey into the world of jewellery making.

I originally started out as a fine artist, but I struggled to fit into the Fine Arts Community. For a while, I felt lost, searching for a way to carve out a creative career path.

Then, by chance, my roommate, who was enrolled in a DEP program for jewellery-making, introduced me to it.  After seeing his projects, I thought, "Hey! I can do that!"

Dragon Hatchling

Two years later, in 1998, I completed my classes and spent the next two years working at a wholesale production shop.

I also worked at various jewellery repair shops, apprenticed as a wax modeller, and spent six years as a technician and assistant manager at a jewellery store.

All the while, I was building up a workshop and inventory, which included some fantastic vintage 1940s master designs from a closed jewellery workshop. That was the beginning of my story!

Enter The Dragon

Fast forward to 2009; tired of earning minimum wage as a tradesperson, I decided to start my own shop. With 12 years of experience and a well-stocked workshop, I could do everything except casting right from my own space!

Dragon's Den

With the support of my partner, Steven, I started selling at more shows and even opened my Etsy shop.

My passion for creating jewellery, combined with years of experience working six-day weeks in a jewellery store, fuelled my drive to do this full-time.

And I absolutely love it!

Fifteen years later, I am thrilled to celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of Le Dragon Argenté on the 9th of June!

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