Get to Know your Jeweller Series

Get to Know your Jeweller Series, Part Two: Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the second edition of the Get To Know Your Jeweller Series where I sit down with the one and only Dragon herself; Stephenie Denault, and discuss all things shiny! 
In this 4 part series, we will discuss how she came to be the Jeweller we all love today, the ins and outs of her craft, her inspirations, the struggles and everything shiny in between!
Pull up a seat and stay awhile, things are heating up fireside in the Dragons Den!

Q.How many years was your business operational before you turned a profit?

It took me 4 years, one of which I went full time to break into the black, but only started paying myself a salary early last year... then the Pandemic hit.

Q. Speaking of the Pandemic... How did the Pandemic affect your business in the past 16 months? (Good and bad) 

I was doing events as well as Etsy pre-pandemic; with everything shut down, I forced myself to focus more on my online shop. It was uneasy at first, but once June came around, people started to hunt me down online. The pandemic made me focus more on learning how to set up a website myself (NOT EASY!) and how to better run my business so I could stay afloat. My online sales then really ramped up with my Howl Calcifer Ring when folks were reviewing my stuff on TikTok! It went nuts!

Q. Your products are sold exclusively online, what advice would you give to someone just starting out as an online Jeweller?

Honestly, figure out who your target market is. Define your dream client as detailed as possible. The more you know about your market and who you're selling to, and where, the better it will go. Also, take some online classes on Etsy, which is the easiest platform to start with. I recommend, as Debbie is the easiest to understand. She also has a YouTube channel that I follow constantly!

Q. What was your biggest triumph as an online Jeweller?

Making more in the first 6 months of 2021 then I did the entire year of 2020!

Q. What was your biggest mistake as an online Jeweller?

Not getting my own website set up earlier. I kept stalling on it, but can now say it's definitely worth having both if you can afford it

Q. Have you had to change any of your business methods to accommodate the new normal post Pandemic?

I'm trying to work more on my business to ensure if something goes sideways, I'm covered. It's not easy, but so far so good! I'm also trying to give myself space to allow myself to be able to create new things which I haven't previously had or allowed the time for. 

Join us next week for Part 3 of the Get to Know Your Jeweller Series where we dig deeper into the unique world of Jewellery making, hired help, virtual shows and so much more! 
See you next Monday here, in the Dragons Den!

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