Myself carying around a FFVII Buster Sword

A bit about myself, and my love of Final Fantasy. And about the Sword!

So wanted to give you folks my backstory(because every good character needs one!) about my love for Final Fantasy! And about the Buster Sword!
I have been playing the Final Fantasy series since the NES era(still have my NES and Super NES!) and have kept all of my physical games. I even have the FF1 with the glitch that causes the game to freeze just after you beat the second-to-last boss! Had to wait till it was re-released on PS1 to finally finish the game!
Final Fantasy 7 though has been my favorite and the longest one I've played to date! Imagine playing in 1999 on a 19" tube tv without a player guide, and ending up clocking 160 hours that first go around. Ok, I spent 2 of those hours trying to find an exit in a cave because of how dark the graphics are, so that's partially the reason! Those who played the classic back then understand what I mean!
FF7 was the most complex storyline in a game at the time it came out, and you really developed a connection to the characters and wanted to find out everything about them. It made you care about them.
Fast forward to me selling at local comic con events, and a seller was selling this buster sword, and I absolutely needed to have it! So while I was looking it over someone asked "Hey, is that for your boyfriend?" I looked at them and replied "Uh, no. It's for me! I'm the gamer!"
To date I've gotten this one, the FF7: Avent Children sword, Sepheroth's Masamune, Squall's gunblade, Rikku's thief knives, and the FF7: Crisis Core black Buster Sword in my collection!
So there you go! Hope you enjoyed reading more about me!
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