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What's the difference between real gemstones and imitation birthstones?

So have you ever wondered what birthstones are? And what's the difference between real and imitation birthstones? Well I'm here to help!

What is a birthstone?

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person's period of birth that is usually the month or zodiac sign. It has changed over the years, but become more standardized here in North America. Birthstones can also have a semi-precious variant.

Genuine Birthstones

Genuine birthstones are the natural gemstones associated with a birth month. In my listings a named gemstone means just that. As they are natural stones, the colors can vary from one to the next, and if they have inclusions in the stone or not. 

Imitation Birthstones

Imitation birthstones are imitations of the real gem in color and sometimes the light performance of a natural gemstone. Most on the market are made of cubic zirconia, though there are lab grown synthetics available on the market. I use cubic zirconia for my birthstones, and to make it easier for customers, I've marked imitation birthstones as the birth month.

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