The Silver Dragon goes to Con.. Virtually?

The Silver Dragon goes to Con.. Virtually?

In a world of lockdowns, restrictions and well… Covid 19, there is still a glimmer of hope for Con Fans!

We are seeing more and more conventions take it virtually so they can still please their fans, while the vendors can still sell their goods! Win Win! 

The Silver Dragon works virtually for the most part, and physically attending the Cons has always been a big part of the operations each year both for profit and exposure.

So what do you do when the world shuts down?

You bring the convention to the fans! In their living rooms, virtually! 

March 19-21 2021 The Furnal Equinox went virtual for their convention and The Silver Dragon joined them to vend!

So how does that even work? 

Furnal Equinox did the setup of the VR Chat, they asked the vendors to provide photos in the size and dimensions to fit the booth.. 

Can’t visualize that yet? Think gingerbread house with pictures on the walls inside. 

Then, the vendor is to resize their photos and photoshop them onto the walls of their booth, create a top banner and a QR code for the fans to get to their websites. 

Well… that sounds great, but how do you ‘man your booth’? 

Apparently this was a bit strange, as people aren’t constantly in the room and the Convention capped the number of people in the VR Dealer's Den to 40. There were a few instances existing simultaneously, so there would be people hopping in and out constantly.

Thankfully, you aren’t required to man your booth at all times. The biggest issue that was had, was people coming in to crash the worlds intentionally. The Convention spent a good part of their weekend weeding those people out.

Furnal Equinox did a live VR Chat interview of the vendors to show off the booths, this drove lots of inquiries about The Silver Dragon’s online goods! The crowd that the convention drew in was an international mix. 

The Silver Dragon met people from Berlin, Queensland, Dublin and Portugal! Many came through the Furnal Equinox website, while others found the site by accident. 

Most people had a ton of fun and it opened the doors to network and meet new people.

Bonus to the participants, The Worlds and the con that was created will be staying up online! 

You can check it out here!

Though it wasn’t the same as seeing people in person,The Silver Dragon will definitely do this again and be online more for the duration of the convention. 

Stop by and say hello at the next one! 

You will find Le Dragon Argenté this weekend at the virtual Nadeshicon Booth- We will follow up next week to compare the two. Stay Tuned!

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