Furnal Equinox: The Pixel Purrfect Is Coming!

Furnal Equinox: The Pixel Purrfect Is Coming!

For the first time ever, I'm doing a virtual event! Now folks will be able to visit my booth on VR Chat and interact with me and so many others!

Furnal Equinox, an annual event that usually happens in Toronto, has created a virtual event, Pixel Purrfect, from March 19th – 21st. It's a fun event that you can find a ton of things to do, as well as various dealers like myself!


Registration for Pixel Purrfect is free. You can register following the link


The convention is doing a  fundraiser drive throughout the weekend. Half of the money donated will be going to their supported charity, Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, while half will go toward recouping costs for Furnal Equinox.

For more information about the charity for this year, you can visit their website, http://www.hobbitstee.com/.

More Ways to Play

The Pixel Purrfect website will have all the links for the weekend of the event. There, you’ll be able to…

  • Get connected to our VRChat world, where you can visit the dealers room and the virtual event space, Discord, and more
  • Answer any questions you may have about VRChat, Discord, and the other parts of our event
  • Tune into their livestream going on throughout the weekend
  • Learn when your favorite panels and DJs are on so you can catch them live on stream
  • Check out all the awesome dealers on the website and the VR Chat!
  • See what games are available, as well as what’s being streamed in the gaming Discord

Find more info on their website https://furnalequinox.com/

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