Anniversary Backstory About The Origins Of Le Dragon Argenté!

Back in 2009 I went to registered my business name with Revenu Quebec.

I had a pretty basic idea of I wanted to make a business with the name Dragon in the name for sure! Here in Quebec, we have to have our business names in both French & English, so it needed to be one that rolled off the tongue, but catchy.

When I started looking into the names I realized Gold Dragon was already taken, so that was off the books.

Okay, so The Silver Dragon! That should work!

When I arrived at the office to register the business the gentleman behind the desk asked me what name I wanted to use. I told him I want to use Le Dragon Argent, which is the French version of The Silver Dragon.

The gentleman looked at me said "May I make a suggestion?"

"Of course please go ahead!"

"I suggest Le Dragon Argenté. The E with an accent at the end is very sexy!"

And that is how Le Dragon Argenté / The Silver Dragon came to be!

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