Conventions And Why I Do Them!

Some of you might be wondering how did I get into selling at conventions. Why do I sell convention? And why on earth I would sell there versus like a high-end craft events? let me tell you why!

Crafting My Path: The Early Days of Going Independent

When I first started independently in 2010 I was open to do pretty much everything. From selling at the sidewalk sales in Verdun, to having an artisan permit for Downtown St. Catherine Street, my options were open! At that point I have been selling at a large craft show at the Verdun Auditorium, and I've done a couple small sales at church basements craft shows and small craft events: stuff like that. 

Taco Song to Comiccon: Alex’s Persuasion Changed Everything

In the summer of 2010 Steven and I had been at Taco Song, an anime convention here in Montreal. We were approached by the owner of 1 Million Comics, Alex, who is also the owner of the comic book shop that Steven buys his comics from. 

Alex asked me if I had table at Montreal Comiccon, happening that September. When I said I did not, due to only making classic style silver and bronze jewellery at the time, Alex kind of bullied me into getting an artist alley table. 

Finding Joy in a Crowded Spot: My Comiccon Jewellery Debut

I got squeezed into a table space right across from a DeLorean, and quite honestly there should not have been a spot for me there! You could tell right away that the table was actually forced into a spot, such that it was clearly one too many! However I had a blast, people seemed to like my jewellery and encouraged me quite a bit! It also helped that I have a lot of friends who actually worked for Comiccon as well, and I made the most of enjoying myself at a convention where I would have gone anyways as an attendee. 

Comiccon 2010 in Montreal, Quebec

Ever since I have been attending as a vendor more and more conventions like Comiccon, anime conventions and general geek conventions. I will honestly say I was quite skeptical at first about the vending at Comiccon, however, there are many people, like myself, who can't find quality geeky jewellery that won't turn your skin green! Or in my case, cause an allergic reaction!

What are the highlights of vending at Comiccon and Anime conventions?

First, as I was attendee to these conventions before becoming a vendor, I understand the community.  I am also a geek and part of this community, so I understand the fandoms. I understand loving comic books, specific animes and movies, and video games. I also love seeing the amazing work that cosplayers have done in making their costumes for the conventions!

The added benefit is that there are not many jewellers selling at conventions, so it makes my products very uniquely found at conventions. And being unique also means I'm not trying to compete with other jewellery makers which would be the problem I would have if I was selling a craft shows where everyone and their grandmother is selling their jewellery at!

The one lesson I did learn for my first comic con is that I definitely cannot fit all my stuff on one 6 ft table! After that first experience,  I actually insisted on getting myself a booth, which originally was a 8x8 ft spot, and then eventually got a corner space so I had more space to display my jewellery.

Having that extra legroom behind the table also helps, as I'm able to bring more stuff and have it in a safe spot so I could pull out extra earrings, rings, and such without getting underfoot of the customers!

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