Wood Style Sterling Silver Ring with Gemstone Pearl

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This is a handmade sterling silver wood style ring with a semi precious stone pearl in the center of stylized branches. This ring is a stock size 5 and is made in .925 sterling silver(92.5% fine silver & 7.5% copper) and has a 6mm gemstone pearl framed by 6 "branches". The top half of the ring has a simulated wood bark texture. The ring top is 8mm wide and 8mm high with the pearl.

This design dates from the 1950's and is very classic in nature. It was from a box of brass masters I bought in an estate sale from a jewellery store that closed down in 1998. This design, as well as a few others, were the starting point for me to create my own stock of jewellery and allows me to reintroduce designs that our parents or grandparents would have worn.

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