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Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant

Sterling Silver Ankh Pendant

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Designed by request from a friend who wanted a traditional ankh pendant, this is a handmade ankh pendant which has a traditional feel. The pendant measures 3cm long with the loop on the top and a bail. Kinda wanted to make a pendant that was more like what you would find on the temple walls in Egypt. It has an appeal to both sexes! I also make one in antique bronze, so if you want one in either, please let me know.

The ankh, also known as crux ansata (the Latin for "cross with a handle") is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph with the meaning "life". The Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. The ankh appears in hand or in proximity of almost every deity in the Egyptian pantheon (including Pharaohs). The ankh symbol was so prevalent that it has been found in digs as far as Mesopotamia and Persia, and even on the seal of the biblical king Hezekiah. The symbol also became popular in New Age mysticism in the 1960s

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