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Ghost Death Butterfly Adjustable Ring in Sterling Silver or Antique Bronze

Ghost Death Butterfly Adjustable Ring in Sterling Silver or Antique Bronze

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This is a handmade adjustable ring I designed in both .925 sterling silver and antique bronze featuring a death butterfly on a band designed to look like a ghost orb, or a Hitodama. It was created as a ring per a request from a fellow anime fan. The top of the ghost orb is 1.2cm wide and the butterfly design is enameled with black jewellery enamel, though I can do other colors upon request. The rest of the ring is 4mm wide with the end tapered. The ring is adjusted for your size per request, though can be adjusted a bit after. Though always recommend not to change the size constantly as it can cause the ring to break.

Japan perceives the butterfly to be a 'soul of the living and the dead', as a result of the popular belief that spirits of the dead take the form of a butterfly when on their journey to the other world and eternal life. In many anime, butterflies are present as the traditional form of guides for the spirits of the dead.

In Japanese folklore, Hitodama (meaning "human soul") are balls of fire that mainly float in the middle of night. They are said to be "souls of the dead that have separated from their bodies," which is where their name comes from.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

Bronze is an alloy that consists of a mixture of approximately 90% copper and 10% tin. Producing bronze is a less toxic process than producing brass as brass is a combination of copper and zinc, and the manufacturing process often produces zinc oxide which is toxic.

Because bronze contains copper, it can turn your skin green whether you have an allergy or not. Bronze and copper turn your skin green because when the copper reacts with your sweat and the acids from your skin, it produces copper chloride. Copper chloride is a green substance that then rubs off on your skin. If you are prone to sweating, your bronze jewelry will definitely turn your skin green. This chemical reaction can also be prevented by painting any part of the jewelry that comes in contact with your skin with clear nail polish or clear acrylic enamel.

Materials: Silver, Bronze.

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