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Final Fantasy X Tidus Pendant in Stainless Steel

Final Fantasy X Tidus Pendant in Stainless Steel

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 Are you a fellow fan of Final Fantasy X and always wanted a pendant based on the game that is made in precious metal? Do you want to cosplay Tidus at a con and have a pendant to go with the outfit, or a fan of FFX & want something to show off your fandom? Well here's your chance!

And unlike many pendants available online, my handmade jewellery is made of solid cast materials and are never plated! I make these for people like myself who are allergic to cheap metals, especially nickel, zinc or cadmium!

This handmade pendant is based on the one Tidus wears in Final Fantasy 10 and was designed as a custom request for a customer who really wanted these. And you know what, it gave me the excuse to make the whole set!

  • Dimensions: This pendant measures 2 inches long plus the bail, 1.25 inches wide and 1.5mm thick. The bail opening is 5mm wide. This pendant is light enough for smaller chains but perfect for everyday wear
  • Materials: this pendant is made in stainless steel, free of nickel, zinc or cadmium. These are perfect for someone who can't wear sterling silver or bronze, or for someone who tarnishes silver quickly! All stainless steel rings are made to order.
  • In Final Fantasy X, Tidus is a player for the Zanarkand Abes, an underwater sport of blitzball, and wears his blitzball team logo, based on a fish hook, as a pendant and earrings. This design is loosely based on the one from the game.

For any questions about my materials, processing time, and more, check out my FAQ for more info!

So what are you waiting for? Get this before it get blitzed out of here!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Soda D
First of all, I must must MUST thank Le Dr...

First of all, I must must MUST thank Le Dragon Argenté for making Final Fantasy X pieces! Such a rarity! I appreciate it so much. Ahhh. Second of all, they are drop dead gorgeous! This pendant is made with such love and craftsmanship, it's absolutely stunning. Thanks so much! I'll cherish it forever~

Sarah K
This product is amazing quality and exactl...

This product is amazing quality and exactly what I expected! Such dedication went into the order and ensuring I received it on time! It made a wonderful gift and the pictures do not do it justice for how awesome it really is!

Amanda B
I bought the Final Fantasy X Tidus pendant...

I bought the Final Fantasy X Tidus pendant, and love it! This is the item that I have of hers, and always get compliments on each piece! Quality work!

Nathan S
Amazing pendant! Extremely well-made! And...

Amazing pendant! Extremely well-made! And shipped very quickly, too!

Mario F
It's amazing, I love it!

It's amazing, I love it!