Final Fantasy 8 Gunblade Earrings in Stainless Steel Made to Order

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These are a pair of handmade stainless steel dangle earrings based on Squall's Gunblade from Final Fantasy 8. The earrings are 3.2 cm long and 0.8cm wide and double sided. The earrings in the photo are in sterling silver, but wanted to offer the option in stainless steel for folks.

Ask any gamer that has played Final Fantasy VIII and they will know where the idea for these came from! I have played most of the games in the Final Fantasy series, and often get requests for pieces made based on the games. Well, your request is answered!

Stainless steel is an affordable material to create hypoallergenic jewellery for those sensitive to costume jewellery. Stainless steel is a tougher material than gold and silver and is ideal for everyday wear for those that are hard on your jewellery. The stainless steel I use is 316L grade to make sure you get no allergic reactions as 316L grade stainless steel is nickel free, lead free and cadmium free. More over, stainless steel is water resistant and doesn't tarnish and doesn't required a lot of care. It does take more work to finish pieces cast in stainless steel and can take longer to get cast, so the processing time is 1-2 weeks depending on the caster.

This design is based on the gunblade Squall wields in Final Fantasy 8. The gunblade is a recurring type of weapon in the Final Fantasy series, first appearing in Final Fantasy VIII. In Final Fantasy VIII, gunblades have a blade with a firing mechanism built into the hilt, the barrel running inside a part of the blade. They are mostly used like normal swords, but triggering a round causes the blade to vibrate as the weapon passes through an opponent to boost damage. The gunblade is the weapon of choice for Squall Leonhart and his rival, Seifer Almasy.

These earrings were designed as a request from a customer who really wanted these. And you know what, it gave me the excuse to make them finally! And if anyone has something they are looking for, let me know and I might be able to do something for you!

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