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Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Keyblade Pendant in Sterling Silver or Antique Bronze

Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Keyblade Pendant in Sterling Silver or Antique Bronze

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This is a handmade keyblade pendant based on the Oblivion Keyblade from the hit video game Kingdom Hearts available in either .925 sterling silver or antique bronze. Perfect for everyday wear and those, like myself, are allergic to cheap materials!

This keyblade is found in most of the KH games. The Keyblade's name means a "state of forgetting or having forgotten", and its Japanese name has the same basic meaning. The Oblivion is often associated with the memories that are passing away, such as when Sora reaches the last floors of Castle Oblivion, or when Roxas begins forgetting Xion following her destruction. Fundamentally, the Oblivion is symbolic of Sora's memories of Riku.


Materials: .925 sterling silver or Antique bronze
Dimentions: 6cm long x 1.5cm wide
Bail/Loop Opening: 5mm+ wide
Double-Sided: Yes
Chain included: No

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

Bronze is an alloy that consists of a mixture of approximately 90% copper and 10% tin. Producing bronze is a less toxic process than producing brass as brass is a combination of copper and zinc, and the manufacturing process often produces zinc oxide which is toxic.

Because bronze contains copper, it can turn your skin green whether you have an allergy or not. Bronze and copper turn your skin green because when the copper reacts with your sweat and the acids from your skin, it produces copper chloride. Copper chloride is a green substance that then rubs off on your skin. If you are prone to sweating, your bronze jewelry will definitely turn your skin green. This chemical reaction can also be prevented by painting any part of the jewelry that comes in contact with your skin with clear nail polish or clear acrylic enamel.

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Bianca R
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Phillip H
Incredibly high quality, far surpassing wh...

Incredibly high quality, far surpassing what I was expecting! Item was exactly as described.

Nathan S
Amazing craftsmanship! This pendant exceed...

Amazing craftsmanship! This pendant exceeded my expectations! I will definitely continue to purchase jewelry from this seller in the future!

Lorena V
I love it. My fiancé loves it. It is so be...

I love it. My fiancé loves it. It is so beautiful, the size also is great. He loves his key. I will for sure order more from here and the shipping wasn't long. Friendly to contact if needed.