January shop update, and news!

January shop update, and news!

Hope all you folks are staying safe! I have some important news and updates on my shop, including how we're dealing with the lock-down!

So here's some news for folks. The Quebec Government has had to put the province in a 4 week lock-down to try to slow the spread of Covid-19, which also includes closing retail store and non-essential businesses. We're doing ok, and are doing our best to keep safe, so I'm hoping it's enough to slow things down.

How does this affect my shop and my creations? My suppliers and casters are running in more limited hours and days, as business will be much slower because retail stores are closed and the demand will be much lower. So it means I'll be casting once a week, thus some items will take a bit longer to make, in some cases 2-3 weeks. I'm still working, but just not as quickly as I'd like in some cases.


I'm starting up to try to catch up on my holiday orders, but I look forward to show off some new creations the end of this month, and hope you'll keep an eye out for it! 

Stay safe folks, and have a great day!



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